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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the street and susan joins error -- jones who lives next door both say they have seen police called to the house several times in recent months. >> i have witnessed at least several, three or four, actually, instances when the police have come for a domestic disturbance. >> about four months ago, my daughter was cat sitting for us and called me and said the police are over here tonight and i don't know what for. what do you mean over here? she said next door. >> reporter: police say when they were called to the house on friday, albrecht moose met them at the door and told officers he found his wife laying in the bathroom floor in an unconscious matter. court recording she he's been arrested four times since 1992 and charged with domestic abuse. each case was linked to this address. in one case in 1992, he pleaded guilty and in 2006, moose was arrested and charged with
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beating viola with a chair. the charges were eventually dropped. people who knew the couple said he really stood out. >> he walks all day long up and down the street with the uniform. viola draft was born in germany and emigrated to the u.s. where she married a u.s. army colonel. her career included work as a journalist and author. >> show always was in impeccably dressed, a very refined woman who, you know, seemed very -- almost of another age, if you will, in terms of her courtliness and sense of decorum. >> reporter: heel to "the washington post" in an e-mail his wife died from head trauma as a result of a fall. a claim that police say is inconsistent with the evidence. about a half hour ago, two d.c. police homicide detectives, along with crime scene search officers came back here to the house. there has been an officer
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stationed across the street from the house since friday afternoon. there was evidence tape that was sealed on the door here all day long until the detectives came back a few minutes ago. we have been unable to reach mr. moose today, although we have been told by d.c. police he has been interviewed at least once and they describe him as cooperative at this point. brian? all right, paul wagner tonight. montgomery county police are investigating a so-called flash mob robbery. it happened at a 7-eleven in germantown. the surveillance video shows the group about 24 in all, walking the store, steal snacks, drinks and are the items and leave a minute later. the police have identified several suspensions from the video. no word on how the robbery was -- suspects from the video and no word how the robbery was organized. >> the maryland suspected of being a getaway driver was indicted for lying to a grand jury. he appeared in federal court in alexandrea today. the prosecutors say he lied when he told the grand jury he
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didn't know two men suspected of murdering jose car deea last year -- cardona last year. millhouse met the men at the convenience store and drove him to the house. and into the fox five newsroom, the gaithersburg man arrested in aruba in the disappearance of the maryland woman will be held in custody there for eight more days because investigators think that he knows what happened to robin gardener. will thomas is in the newsroom with the latest. will? >> reporter: this is all unraveling secs ago across the years. the judge agreed with prosecutors that they will keep the 50-year-old from gaithersburg, another eight days and they believe that he is connected in some way to the disappearance of 35-year-old robin gardener. they travelled to aruba together july 31st. she disappeared two days later. standing by is attorney a. scott bolden, he's going to talk with us about the legal movings in the case. if the, let me give you background and roll this footage. again, they both travelled to aruba july 31st.
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a vacation where friends said that gardener thought he was going to bank roll and she recently lost her job, so she was into this trip. 50-year-old giordano claims gardener never returned from a snorkeling trip they took together. authorities on the caribbean island don't buy it, saying the seas were hardly rough that night. if she did drown based on other drowning cases in the same spot, they believe her body would have been found by now. the there said he gave four voluntary interviews and made two sight visits to the beach and there is no hard proof. the court records in maryland show he had two restraining orders filed against him by women he dated, one claiming he tried to force sex. let's talk about the legal movings. i should add, though, because of the high publicity of the case in aruba, the judge travelled, scott, to the courthouse to the police station, rather, whether detaining him. and see they didn't have to bring him to the courthouse. this thing lasted a couple of hours and a few moments ago, we learned they will hold him another eight days.
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the court ordered a dna sampling as well from giordano. what did prosecutors have to show the judge in order to keep the guy locked up? >> the standard is still reasonable suspicion. they had to show the judge something more, more than what they had before, other than the fact that there was a disappearance and the two of them travelled together. between the fbi searching the home as well as additional interviews that were done by people connected to both of them clearly they have come up with something that copvissed a judge that -- convinced the judge he should stay there another eight days. >> let's talk about, that you mentioned the fbi searching his gaithersburg home, something we covered here extense elf. what do you think -- texing -- extensively. i think they were looking for evidence to get a picture of who the individual was. secondly, any communications, any hard drive, soft drive, any computer or i.t. searches on the internet, these are the dating services, good, bad, or uglicenses to determine whether there was a connection either to the victim, the
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alleged victim, if you will, or other women that could define, really, what this, what his moist actually was, whether it was real or perceived, good, bad or ugly. >> and some reporting indicated the women in his past, women he dated have claimed he was rough, physical, abusive. one equipmentwoman that i introduced personally -- one woman that i interviewed personally said when she went to his house, she saw cameras everywhere. my guess is they want to see stereo does he have a pattern of abusing women. >> or a pattern of filming women, abusing women or what is his personality when it comes to dating? clearly the things we're hearing are deviate, abnormal to say the least and that helps. but, again, it may be that -- it's not whether he committed a crime or hadding any to do with the a languaged victims disappearance. we have to be careful. you can have a lot of circumstantial evidence by prior conduct and cures are
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interested in what is happening in this case. >> and we'll see you again at 10. >> and the big news, gary giordano, the 50-year-old suspected in the disappearance of robin gardener will be held another eight days in aruba. >> the new developments keep coming and go to for more. >> okay. and i would get to the fox 5 storm force and this is keeping busy. there was a threat of the rain for parts of the area and some gray clouds you probably saw. and gary mcgrady has more now. >> and where it's raining, it's really rains and some is shine coming through in the mid-80s and start with the radar to give you an idea. there say flash flood warning for prince georges county that extends into parts of, basically, the central sections of prince georges county. that is going to go until 7:30 p.m. and look at the heavy rain,
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though. not for the district. it's moving on up to the east as we get tighter, it's just the storm with very, very heavy rain and that is up to four inches per hour. you see the purple in there? that is where it's coming down and that is why the flash flood warning was issued. again, until is 30:00 for central sections. the good news here is that this storm is moving to the east and it's moving along and that is good news. the heavy rain is coming towards dunkirk and to the bay for chesapeake beach and as well as hittington as well and they're in calvert county. and going to the east and some more could pop up and that is what it looks like. >> some rainfall estimates of more than 3 inches right there in prince georges county. and we'll look at the forecast coming up. >> thank you. and it was just a preseason
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game but a -- the redskins nation. lindsay membery is live with more and are they optimistic? and that is -- and even though it's a preseason, yet means something for the guys on the field and some updates and top news here, chris cooly went to see dr. king. james andrews, an orthopedic specialist. and he said he would be surprised if he didn't play in the season opener on september 11th against the giants and he hopes the practice on wednesday and play against the ravens. two other quick updates, ryan terrain will see a hand specialist tomorrow and malcolm kelly needing another x ray and mri. going to be hard to make the team and the quarterback was on the practice fool this morning and that is his second day of straight praying. he showed no affects on the groin injury.
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he has fallen behind rex grossman in that quarterback competition. this is his third year when you count the 2009 season with the texas aps. and he was comfortable -- texans. he was comfortable against the steelers, completing passes for 207 yards and the touchdown. your thoughts, rex? with the wide receiving core and offensive line, tim hightower and the running backs we v you know, we have all of the weapons we need. have a good play caller and seg there for us. >> and wednesday is the big day and that is when he will announce the starter for friday's game and james davis is listed as the fifth trying is running back for the redskins and was a snow show at practice and there are rumors that he got into a argument yesterday and about not playing in friday's games and there is not a lot of good thoughts coming his way. >> going to be interesting.
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thank you. >> sure. the president hits the road talking economy, jobs, and the campaign trail and is not the only one taking the message to the people. the gop candidates are in full force tonight. karen. and the second time in four mots the same woman strikes again. how do you protect a masterpiece from vandals. >> keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. 
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>> a virginia woman accused of attacking two paintings got thrown out of her own court hearing. the judge had hear removed. and fox 5s karen gray houston has the latest on case. >> and brian, 53-year-old susan burns is disturbed. she was in court today. connected to yanking a matisse painting off of the wall at the national gallery last friday. her behavior today was so bizarre, the judge had marshal take her out of the courtroom. and this is the matisse masterpiece susan burns is accused of attacking. visitors are pleased to see that that is back on display. >> i love his painting, they're gorgeous, colorful and vibrant. >> reporter: the plumed hat is back after a museum camera captured the entire episode on tape. the gallery police louie thant
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seen here leaving superior court testified it was a vicious assault. he said she grabbed it, twisted it, beat up on it, hit it nine times. a visitor tried to stop her and the way the story is told based on vowing the video, burns entered the gallery and did not hesitate but went right for the painting. while he was talking, barbs appeared to be singing. she was handcuffed and manicled. two marshals had to hold her down to keep her seated. the judge warned her that further outbursts would get her kicked out. but burns who would mumble something about virginia couldn't seem to control herself. >> and i find it inexcusable and it's unfortunate that that is a sad situation. >> reporter: the only damage was to the antique frame, 800 to $1,000 to get it fixed. >> there is damage here. this is the seg attack. in april, she took punches on
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this piece of art. a gogan, showing two bare- breasted tahitian women and screaming at the time it was evil and homosexual. no explanation for this one. >> and this is not like the other one she tried to destroy. >> and a spokeswoman has no comment pending the ongoing investigation. >> and the judge found probable cause to proceed in the case. she faces three counts, felony charges of unlawful entry, destruction of property and contempt. why is she being hill for coptestimony? by going back to the national gallery a second time, she was allegedly in violation of an order to stay away from all area museums and art galleries and the judge ordered her to remain at saint elizabeth hospital, pending the next court appearance, september 7th. and the man accused in the massacre in norway reenacted to
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police. he opened fire on a youth camp on a nearby island and he reportedly described everything in detail, showing how he aimed the weapons. the entire event was recorded on video and investigators believe that he called police several ties during the attack offering to surrender and asking police to call him back. chaos as the trial of now barak results. the judge in the case ordered an end to the live broadcast after lawyers pushed and shoved each other to address the court to get on tv. he was secured inside an enclosure and is charged with corruption and complacent of killing hundreds in egypt's revolution. >> the presidential campaign is heating up as new poll numbers show president obama's job approval numbers have dropped dramatically. the president hit the road on a mid-western bus tour but comes as the republican race is looking very different.
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fox 5s tom fitzgerald is following this now. how bad are the numbers here? >> reporter: they're not good, brian. the first time, the president briefly dropped under the 40% approval mark and that is the lowest during the administration. the former governor tim pawlenty dropped out of the race and texas governor rick perry is in. the president has more immediate concerns in the form of the poll numbers. the latest poll found 40% of americans approve of the job performance of the president while 52% disapprove. the president hit the road today, the three-day economic bus tour in the midwest and in canon falls, minnesota, the president told the crowd he was frustrated over the handling of the congress in the recent debt crisis placing the blame on republicans. >> and some in congress would rather see their opponents lose that america win and we ended up creating more uncertainty and more damage to an economy
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that was already weak. now. the white house said the president's trip today will include find to you halls the next three days and even though this looks look a campaign event, official why i it's not. this is an official visit and from here in minnesota, the president goes to iowa that just hosted the republican straw poll over the weekend. >> and thank you, tom fitzgerald. >> it was cooler and boy did we have a lot of rain and thunderstorms. >> and the power went out and gary mcgrady is watching the radar and have some more storms out there. try to dodge them, i guess. and that heavy rain, too and we'll go to that setel in radar and look at the big picture quickly, where you can understand where everything is and not and dry in the district and this is to the southeast
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and as we zoom in. there is a flash flood watch in effect for prince georges county until 7:00 p.m., a lot of heavy rain it and look where the green is and that is where we picked up the heaviest of the rainfall the last few hours. in terms of rainfall amounts, estimated by doppler radar, almost three inches of rain there in that bull's eye. prince charles county and calvert county and farther south, too, stretching out towards the bay and this evening, still a chance of showers and thunderstorms popping up for just about everybody if you get under one heavy rain and that is like last night. the threat of storms until 9, 10:00 and a lingering shower in and around midnight and that is looks like after midnight things will dry up gan. >> thank you, gary. and come coming up next. tragedy at the state fair, five people are dead and dozens are
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hurt. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. we'll have the latest as families try to move forward.  what if it snowed chocolate?
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>> students are prepared to go to school. the fairfax county parents would like the day to stat later. and parents sea a later start time is the number one issue in an online survey. right now, the high school kids are in class at 745time a.m. and students start back to school september 26th. students will return to a brand new mayor at their school. and just phase one of the project, which brought a new gym and sustainable green roofs to the school and the next phase will feature 50 new classrooms. if wong of your children have aught; could a younger sib
5:25 pm
link be at risk. >> and flooding made a mess of the morning rush hour. look at all of the people. we're hop pore -- monitoring metro with what it took to get the commuters back on track. next.
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[singing] >> developing in indiana, the state fair reopened this morning with a somber ceremony to remember the five people killed in saturday night's tragedy. the governor, among hundreds of mourners who gathered to pay respects to the victims. wind gusts between 60 and 70 miles an hourton willed -- toppled the stage as thousands waited to see the band sugarland. mary ann rapheerty has more on
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the investigation. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a fun-filled event turned to frightening means. many are not soon to forget it. a mishap at the indiana state fair saturday night sends music fans screaming in horror. >> and all i heard was win, screams and the sound of metal bending anding. it was severe. >> reporter: severe wind gusts are blamed for toppling the massive rigging system a top the stage. the entire structure plummeted to the front of the crowd. >> we saw the big gusts of wind come and the center clapped down onen. >> reporter: at least five people died in the mayhem with dozens more injured. >> and there were a total of 45 patients transported toiary hospita there were four fatalities when the tragic event occurred and we have another leave night at a local hospital passed away. before emergency crews could arrive on the scoop, many took it upon themselves to land a hand. the governor is calling them
5:30 pm
heros. and whaty heard over and over again last night is that an individual who ran to the truck and not from the truck and by the hundreds, offering their many cases their own professional skills. >> the indiana occupational health and safety administration, the state fire marshal and the company that installed the state ringing are investigating and the probes could take months. when a headache for morning commuters stuck in log lines and going nowhere fast. water submerged metro rails creating a major disruption and, fortunately, it didn't ease the rider's troubles. bob barnard shows us. >> reporter: they lined the sidewalks, 10 deep in some places and a mass of stranded commuters this morning. and this is a good chance i will turn around and go home,
5:31 pm
honestly and this is a bit much. and we have a bunk of busy here that don't seem to be moving too fast. >> reporter: they're waiting to catch cabs or shuttle buses to get around flooded tracks in this station and reagan national airport. >> i'm okay. >> i'm okay. >> you can't help with what nature does and in thero looks like they trying to accommodate everyone. we need to be patient. that's all. >> reporter: dozens of buses were not up to the challenge, especially when every arriving train dumbs 400 or so pares into the mix. i don't know what the problem was with the tracks. >> flooding. >> flooding as in water? >> did we have that much rain? apparently so. metro said the trouble was inside that trouble near u.s. 1 and behind the potomac yards. the overnight flooding submerging the rails and making it dangerous for storms to pass through. they're forced to wait and wait
5:32 pm
and to find other ways to get to work. >> and that is not what you're going to do? no, there is a on the of shoving out there and call my wife to pick me up. >> reporter: the discussion lasts the entire commute and about 9:30, the tracks were cleared and reopened, the yellow and blue lines creeping back to normal. bob barnard, fox 5 news. and we're keeping tabs on metro's escalators as well and cop39 are out of service and that is nearly a quarter and most call for service, inspection or repair and you can help us monitor metro and with some problems. e-mail us your stories, pictures or videos and that is at gmail went tom the driver of a van has been charged in a deadly
5:33 pm
accident. the passenger died when that van fell. the driver, 49-year-old hoffman of woodbridge is charged with wreckless driving, a misdemeanor. >> and travelling in 395 and articles to, this was expect -- ecpented andup expected activity. your alone in that and look at that there and those are two horses grazing near the exit and the trail her a flat. the owner let the horses out to get a quick bite and one tire was fixed and the horses were loaded in the trailer and the trip continues. -- copfund. for years, doctors knew siblings of those with autism have a chance of getting the risk. the risk is twice as high. maureen doluca, the mother of two teenage sons and another are here to help us. neh and autism speaks helped pay for this part of the study.
5:34 pm
when i read this, was stunned. when you heard about the rules, you know, did it blow you away or did you say not a surprise to me? >> it was not too much of a surprise and this is the first time with the numbers that were in it, 624 babies who had one sib leg with autism and this is -- and individual studies are funded out by the nih -- nih. we have added the opportunity for people, the researchers, which is 21, in the u.s., canada, and israel to pool their data and to, overall data now, this has never been available before. >> you have two teenage sons, 17 and 19 who have autism. when you hear the results of this, your children were
5:35 pm
diagnosed many, many years ago. how old was your -- how do i want to say this, how old was your first son when you started watching out for the second son? well, our oldest son was diagnosed three months after the youngest son was born. >> okay. >> and that was on the heels of me returning to work from my maternity leave, actually. and we knew at the time that the risk that ryan, our second son, would have autism as well was significant. >> uh-huh. and even back then, someone told you to watch out for siblyings? yes, that's right. and right now, there are many parents out there who are watching. and who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. if they're listening, what should they be doing if they have an infant at homer another on the way and thinking about another child in the future? they must, perhaps, try to hook
5:36 pm
up with one of the -- we have the early network going on and one site is at john's hopkins and the other at unc and there are programs to look to get involved with and the main thing they need to do is to do a lot of monitoring, seeb perts if they consider have concerns and to seek early intervention if there is a tendency the child might be developing autism. >> and for those who have no idea what, are the signs to watch in a baby ored to el-- toddler of a sib link diagnosed with autism? >> the signs early on would be the development of babbling and subsequently language and interest in the face and people and a little bit more with development, may be a todd willer is looking for repetitious behaviors, whether it's waiving their hands a lot
5:37 pm
and, generally, some will have a tendency to be leave sensitive to sinceory inputs. maybe the clothes, tight clothes, et cetera and that hypersensitivity, and most importantly, the earliest thing you can look at are the vocal situations and interest in people and social stem leg. >> and as a parent with two children with autism, we were concerned that his younger sib legs might develop autism. what do you say to pairs? what advice would you give to parents because that sec or third sib link is didding nosed? >> it can be subtle or severe, the keeps -- signs and that will pact can be different from child-to-child and adult-to- adult. i think that is important to pay tag to the sign and to just
5:38 pm
your expecting a. you have certain things you want for your children and adjusting as a parent is critical to getting the kids the things they need and on through their lies. it's extremely critical, but autism is a lifelong challenge and ongoing intervention is as important as early interlegion. >> thank you both so much for being here and thank you for coming in. >> thank you judge and to find more, go to and find out the study and thank you for coming in and sharing with us. back to you. >> o
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>> a pretty wild adventure at the santa ana zoo. she dropped her engagement ring
5:42 pm
into a exhibit filled with haller monkeys, ducks, swaps and eight feet of water and thought it would be lost forever. the moat was turned off to be drained. once it drained out, the zoo director found the ring and returned it. robert glen sky diving 13,000 fight above the earth. what is the big deal? he spent his entire life in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy. he wanted to sky dive foret that years and got a chance to go forward in sacramento, california. the jump, he said, was everything he ever dreamed of. >> that free fall was unbelievable and that paya shoot after was -- and it was peaceful. i want to do it again. and do it again, huh? >> i would do it in a heartbeat. >> his friends thought he was crazy and the other half chored him on. >> strong storms blew through our area and blew through and have been brewing all day long.
5:43 pm
the word is, week be in for another round of bad weather. >> gary's tracking the trouble and is looking at the workweek forecast next. 
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>> we're staying on top of the case of a missing woman in aruba. in the last 30 minutes, the judge on the island decided to hold the suspect other eight days. he would stay -- he will stay in custody. moments ago, we received a statement from the family and let's go to will thomas with the latest, will? >> reporter: shape, the judge accepted a petition -- shawn, the judge accepted a petition to held him for 16 more days. it was a closed-door hearing at the jail where he's held the last 11 days. also now, the court ordered a dna test from giordano. legal experts say prosecutors must have developed some evidence, possibly from the fbi search of his bather --
5:47 pm
gaithersburg home last week to convince the judge there is enough suspicion to contain him. he trailed into aruba with the 35-year-old robin gardener july 31st and she disappeared two days later. he said that she drowned in the ocean where they were snorkeling and the attorney said that his client continues to maintain his innocence. andrea coalson, the mother of robin gardener, released a statement a short time ago and said we're confident in the decision made by the aruban this to keep him in custody and we continue to be pleased with the way they have handled our daughter's case. we're still hoping to find out what has happened to our daughter as we have not given up hope he's still alive and it goes on to say this is a hard time for all of robin's family and friends and we're grateful for all of the support that has come from communities around the world and we just want to find our daughter and continue to ask the public for any tips they may have in helping our robin come home and clearly
5:48 pm
they believe that robin could be alive still. that is the hope of family and friends and her boyfriend. we're going to king into the legal side of this. what could they possibly have on him to keep him locked up another 16 days and that is coming up tonight at 10. the preseason began with a win for the red skins and another team, looking to game two against the colts. lindsay must by has more on the number of the defense who helped shut down the steelers. >> reporter: i'm joined by one of the tough guys on the defensive line, came over from the dallas cowboys, a five-year deal he signed with the redskins. you know the history with the redskins and cowboys, how are you going to make the move? its a hard decision. they wanted me back and i thought this was the best move for me and my family and my career, and, of course,
5:49 pm
shanahan and haslet, they really wanted me here and i felt it was important for me to be here. >> and we're glad to you have here and not many people may this but in tax, you're drafted. yeah. >> and you picking up a sack. this must be a tremendous journey for you. >> and this was a long, hard journey, a lot of hard work and just buckling down and i tried to take advantage of it. >> you have been going going through tough times, the wife had twins and another didn't make it, another one you still have, three pops and is still feeing in the hospital in dallas. how you -- have you been able to get through a family tragedy while coping with a new team and everything? i use the inspiration of my son and that passed away, he was here for 10 days, skyler and tried to stay aliveef day. the least i can do is to work hard on the field for the rest of the family and that is my
5:50 pm
inspiration. >> the little one, what do you expect him to make his appearance in a jersey? >> hopefully in september. everyone will be together and we're looking forward to that day. >> we're fulling per -- pulling for you. >> i understand you have several nicknames. >> yeah. >> can you give us a couple? >> and the first one is bo. everyone's been calling me bo and another is steve bo. i got b dig ity and that is another alias. >> okay. >> and bolo and you can pick what you want to call me. and which is on the fold? that is bo. >> who is bo dig ity? that is when i'm going to the clubbing you know and go have me a little, you know.
5:51 pm
>> and some milk and water. something like that. >> well, my last question, you seem like such a nice guy. i can't, margin you flipping the switch. what is game day like for you? >> game day is focussing and thinking -- thinking about my responsibility and taking care of the field, pray to god and pray to my son the last game and hot it worry about anything going on and once that first play hits, i am focused. >> and we like yet. here with steven bowen, no longer steven bowen butbo dig ity. back to you. >> all right. and thank you. we wish them well coming up next weekend when they're taking on the indianapolis colts. >> and last weekend it was your pittsburgh steelers. >> go redskins. >> and i wish them well. was in sports studio and they have them going to the super
5:52 pm
bowl. >> the fabs? absolutely. and -- >> you know. not necessarily the commentators and some -- commentators. give credit where it's due. it was a good game friday night but that is the first game of preseason. we're going to start and you can see the clues here and there is nothing happening in town and there is where something is happening. red in marlborough and la plata county, charles and that green is prince georges county under a flash flood warning until 7:30 and we have one strong tomorrow move out and another is off of the beltway and this is moving to the east and look at how yet grew up there and that just order to-- formed right there and that is what we're seeing. a lot of heavy rain and some
5:53 pm
rain rates will be three and four inches of rain as well. if you can zoom out, you read my mind. thank you, thank you very much. you can see the movement of all of the thunderstorms coming out of frederick there, again, moving to charles county and saint marry's county and you see the purples and reds and that is where the core of the heavy rains are and i want you to see where the big picture is and there is nothing firing to the west there and is extreme nowhere sections of carol county to i-seven and if you look farther to the north and west, there is a little bit of activity coming out of
5:54 pm
pennsylvania here and into maryland and west virginia. a lot of that is weakening as it's closer to us and this evening, there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms and 80 degrees at 7:00 and this doesn't mean showers and storms for everyone. just showers and thunderstorms cater -- scattered about and to 10, 11:00 and looks look we're going to be dry. this is future cast and notice that activity to the south and some showers and thunderstorms to the northwest. we progression in the evening and leave night and this is just updated. tomorrow, there is that spotty chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the day. on wednesday, nice. wednesday looks to be the pick of the week and into this,
5:55 pm
another chance of showers and thunderstorms around the area and you can see the upper low pressure and at lost we have a chance of a shower and thunderstorm and tomorrow is not bad and that spotty thunderstorm late in the day. wednesday perfect and on thursday, friday, saturday, we're back into an unsettleed trend. >> all right, here we go again. >> yes. >> all right, thank you very much, gary. coming up on the news edge at 6, a gop presidential candidate dropped out as another joins the fry and this is as president obama's approval numbers sink to now lows. we'll have the latest on that. should the megarich have to pay higher taxes? billionaire warren buffet weighs in with a surprising under arrest on the news edge. and an len-year-old makes an impossible hockey shot.
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>> the 2012 presidential race is heating up as president obama's approval ratings are dropping dramatically. the president hit the road on a midwest bus tour and is travelling to minnesota, iowa, and illinois. trying to counterattacks by republicans trying to take his job. how bad are the new poll numbers? >> this is nothing. the president dropped to the latest a -- lowest approval rating of his candidacy. they're seizi a


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